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Ready for the new Windows Server 2008

New Ways to Find a Windows Server 2008 Partner Near You

Microsoft has just released new and exciting ways for you to find a partner both locally and globally to assist you in awareness, migration, and deployment services.

  • Begin an online chat with a Microsoft representative who, after asking some qualifying questions about your project and environment, can match you with suitable partners.

  • By taking a short self-assessment, you can enable Microsoft to match you with suitable Windows Server 2008 partners for your specific needs.

  • You can search the Solution Marketplace for solutions and services offered by our Windows Server 2008 Partners that can meet the needs and requirements for your IT projects.

  • The Windows Server Catalog is the Microsoft single online source for finding hardware and software that are compatible with Windows Server 2008.

Want Microsoft to Pay a Partner to Help Your Deployment?

With each qualifying purchase, Microsoft may pay you partner subsidy dollars to use toward the purchase of additional services and products from a partner to enrich and help with a successful deployment of the solution in your small or medium-sized business. Learn more at http://www.microsoftincentives.com/bigeasy/.

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