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Spread Internet Explorer 8

MeraWindows has pleased to announce about their new initiative "Spread IE8". As you know Internet Explorer 8 is the latest web browser from Microsoft. Its fast, secure and full of new features. To make people aware of IE8, we have started a new campaign "Spread IE8". Its our small attempt to support this great browser.

You can also help us in spreading the word about IE8. For more information visit following link:

Spread IE8 Page

Support us by putting "Spread IE8" logo at your website / blog:



MeraWindows Team

Microsoft will Extend Office to the Browser

Microsoft announced that the next version of Microsoft Office will include Office Web applications that will help improve productivity and enhance the desktop experience by enabling people to access, create, edit, share and collaborate on Office documents across multiple devices.

Microsoft will deliver Office Web applications - lightweight versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - through a browser. With these new applications, people can use a browser to create, edit, and collaborate on Office documents. What’s great is that this provides a consistent Office experience when and where our customers want it, regardless of whether they are accessing their Office documents through the PC, phone, or browser.

read more on : Microsoft PressPass

Microsoft has introduced the Windows Se7en UI at PDC

During the Windows 7 reviewers workshop on Sunday Linda Averett demonstrated the user interface enhancements introduced with Windows 7. Keeping with the trend, Averett described herself as a PC, wearing a red top matching her fall colored desktop with orange and red aero glass tones.

The session was an overview of some new features demonstrated on Windows 7 build 6933.winmain.081020-1842. Unfortunately the build that will be handed out to PDC attendees will not feature most of the enhancements I am about to detail.

First up was the new Windows 7 desktop. The new desktop includes a thicker taskbar, improved system tray and no sidebar. The orb on the start menu also glistens after hover over.

Another great new feature named in the Windows 7 build as "preview desktop" but described as "peek into desktop", allows you to see through windows and straight onto the desktop. Interestingly Microsoft have decided to remove the Windows Sidebar and simply drop the gadgets onto the desktop.

Averett went on to describe data Microsoft had gathered regarding customising Windows. 30% of people customise their glass colour. Customers and OEMs both care a lot about customisation. Windows 7 boosts what you can do with the glass colour. You can now create theme sets and save them to share with friends and family.

Device stage was demonstrated next. This is a part of explorer which will demonstrate what a device is and what it can do. It's an opportunity for the device vendor to fully showcase the device and present a photo realistic image of the device. It has a task area at the bottom section where the vendor can provide links to inbuilt applications and device information. Microsoft believes this will transform opportunities for vendors. The entire device stage is an implementation of software + services and devices built inside an XML document.

A new feature in Windows 7 that was not fully demonstrated was the magnifier tool pictured below. This allows users to zoom into specific parts of the desktop.

Libraries are now included in Windows 7 to help you better manage documents. Libraries is a collection of content like photos, pictures and music. Libraries allow you to add storage and keep the pictures stored locally across lots of drives but have links to the library.

Federated search allows you to search across multiple PCs to pull photos from another photo library on another PC. The new search pane gives you a great preview of documents too within explorer.

HomeGroup is the feature that allows federated search to search across multiple PC libraries. A HomeGroup allows you to easily link Windows 7 computers on your home network so that you can share pictures, music, videos, documents and devices. It also makes them ready to stream media to devices on your home network such as a media extender. You can help protect your HomeGroup with a password, and you can choose what you want to share.

Another demonstration focussed on the new "PlayTo" option that will stream your music from other PCs and other music libraries (including iTunes) to your media receivers or other PCs. Windows Media Player now plays AAC songs that iTunes uses but as Apple does not license FairPlay content Microsoft is unable to provide this functionality. PlayTo also works on pictures and videos.

View more (With videos) at source : www.neowin.net

Get official buttons of PDC2008 for your website

Microsoft has relesed number of buttons of PDC2008 for your blog or website. you can download it by rightclicking on image and save as, Or you can download lots more at download link given below.

Blog Bling

Blog Bling Blog Bling Brain
Blog Bling Blog BlingBlog Bling Blog Bling Blog Bling
Blog Bling 3Blog Bling 4 Blog Bling 4Blog Bling 1 Blog Bling 2Blog Bling 3

Blog Bling ShowOff RedBlog Bling ShowOff BlueBlog Bling ShowOff Gray

Download here

Download official wallpapers of PDC2008

Microsoft has relesed 3 official wallpaers. you can download it by rightclicking on image and save as, Or you can download lots more at download link given below.

Silverlight Designer and Developer Network (SDDN) launches in Melbourne

Jordan Knight has sent out the announcement - and the (temporary) website is up, so the rumours must be true - The Silverlight Designers and Developer Network (SDDN)has been launched.

More info : MSDN blog

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Beta

The ASP.NET MVC Beta release provides a new Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework on top of the existing ASP.NET 3.5 runtime. This means that developers can take advantage of the MVC design patterns to create their Web Applications which includes the ability to achieve and maintain a clear separation of concerns (the UI or view from the business and application logic and backend data), as well as facilitate test driven development (TDD).

The ASP.NET MVC framework defines a specific pattern to the Web Application folder structure and provides a controller base-class to handle and process requests for “actions”. Developers can take advantage of the specific Visual Studio 2008 MVC templates within this release to create their Web applications, which includes the ability to select a specific Unit Test structure to accompany their Web Application development.

Date Published:10/15/2008
Download Size:62 KB - 1.5 MB*

Files :

ASP NET MVC - Beta Release Notes.docx (62 KB)
AspNetMVCBeta-setup.msi (1.4 MB)

Download now

Showing Formulas in Microsoft Office Excel Instead of Their Results

Sometimes in an Excel worksheet you want to display formulas instead of their results. Here’s how:

1. Click the Office button, and then click Excel Options at the bottom of the menu.

2. Click Advanced, click Display options for this worksheet, click Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results, and then click OK.

Use Your Own Pictures in SmartArt

You can insert your own pictures into Microsoft SmartArt graphics in your presentation.

1. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, click SmartArt, and then click the SmartArt graphic that you want to insert.

2. Select the picture that you want to add to your presentation.

3. Right-click an individual shape in SmartArt, and then click Paste to insert the picture you selected.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each shape.

5. Complete your presentation by applying your preferred background design.

Creating a Watermark in Excel

To add a watermark at the top of your Microsoft Office Excel worksheet:

1. In your Excel file, click Insert, and then in the Text section, click Header & Footer.

2. With your pointer in the center section of the header, click Picture in the Header & Footer Elements section of the Design tab, browse your hard disk drive to find the picture you want, and then click OK.

3. You may need to press ENTER several times to center the watermark on the page.

Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of Microsoft press - With free Ebook offers

For 25 years, Microsoft Press books have focused on helping you take your skills and knowledge to the next level. Help celebrate our 25th Anniversary with a "Free E-Book Offer of the Month"! Read your Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter for notification of offers, register, and download the selection of the month. Offers expire on October 22, so download the e-books today.

This month:

Windows Server(r) 2008 TCP/IP Protocols and Services by Joseph Davies: This in-depth technical reference delivers must-know information for any IT professional working with TCP/IP in the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems.
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Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio by Sara Morgan: Visualize, build, and deploy the next innovation in robotic applications with this practical guide to Microsoft Robotics Studio.
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Get SharePoint Training on Your Desktop


SharePoint End User Training Kit


SharePoint Designer Training Kit


Automation Forms using nfoPath


SharePoint Online Courses


SharePoint 2007 Demos


SharePoint 2007 Webcasts


Source : MSDN blog

{Vista Bug} Clipboard Buffer is being disturbed due to file name compulsion

hello readers, I hav found an intresting Bug... just try it.

The instructions and screenshots are given below

1> copy any URL say " http://www.microsoft.com/ "

2> create new notepad file. as shown in screenshot below

3> name that folder to "[your URL].txt" <u will get prompt messege..>

Your filename becomes " httpwww.microsoft.com.txt "

4> open that file and just right click and copy.....

u will see that the URL which u hav copied earlier becomes
" httpwww.microsoft.com " . you will find " \\ " missing.

Try this and giv the reply...

The new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK - v. 4.0.7

This is an another update to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK. You can download it here or check on the CRM Developer Center in a few days.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) is for developers, system customizers, and report writers.

It contains all new information about creating plug-ins, working with custom workflow activities, using the new Web services, using new data management features, and much more.

This SDK contains information for developers writing server side code, custom business logic, integration modules, workflow assemblies, and more. It provides an architectural overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the entity model, security model, and Web services. Sample code and walkthroughs guide you through the new features.

File Name:CrmSdk4.exe
Date Published:10/1/2008
Download Size:15.8 MB

Download details

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 – Admin tips


For those of you lab’ing, testing, and deploying IE8 Beta 2, here’s a number of resources that you should find useful, as well as provide some answers to typical IT Pro and Dev questions.

Source : MSDN blog

Download : Data Structures and Algorithms : Annotated Reference with Examples

This book written by Granville Barnett and Luca Del Tongo is part of an effort to provide all developers with a core understanding of algorithms that operate on various common, and uncommon data structures.

Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples is completely free!

Download the book