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Xdrive® Desktop - Free Storage With AOL

File storage has never been easier. Download Xdrive Desktop and integrate Xdrive seamlessly with your computer – it will appear just like an extra hard drive! Drag and drop files and entire folders directly into your Xdrive account.
  • Pick the folders you want to back-up from your PC, hassle-free
  • Schedule automatic and regular back-ups – just set it and forget it!
  • Use the AutoCopy feature for one-way synchronization of your photos and music folders
  • Smarter file storage: file and folder data maintained between sessions
  • Backup error notification added
  • Enhanced look and feel with the option of interchangeable skins
  • Improved performance with read-ahead and write-behind operations
  • Avoid unnecessary file downloads with block-level file access.

  • Download here.