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Creating a Bootable USB Windows Vista Drive

Creating a Bootable USB Windows Vista Drive : To install Vista on to DVDLess Laptops

Format the USB stick as NTFS

Make USB Volume Active

Run diskpart.exe and then set your drive and partition to point to the stick. Make sure you set the partition as Active.

Do this by:-

1. Run CMD

2. type diskpart

3. list volume

DISKPART> list volume

4> select USB drive

if the removable media volume no. is 4 , type :

DISKPART> Select volume 4

Create Boot Sector

There's a tool in Vista DVD called bootsect.exe. Its on the Vista DVD itself in the Boot directory.

Run bootsect /nt60 "USB Drive letter"

E:\boot>bootsect /nt60 g:

Copy DVD files and Boot files

  • Boot directory
  • Sources directory and
  • the files in the root directory




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Nice trick man..Thanks..