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Prism V2 - Drop 1

Downloads & Files

Source Code Prism V2 Release 20080916 Source.zip
source code, 556K, uploaded Wed - 83 downloads
Application CompositeApplicationGuidanceProjectLinker.msi
application, 268K, uploaded Wed - 63 downloads

Release Notes

Development for Prism V2 (formally known as Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight) is underway. We have a number of items in our backlog, the top items are multi-targeting for WPF and Silverlight and UI composition on Silverlight. This first drop we are focusing in on multi-targeting.

Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight

Welcome to the first drop of the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. This file contains information that can be useful in using the guidance. See the full readme in the source.zip or Prism V2 Drop 1 Readme for more information.

What's included in this drop

  • The Project Linker tool installer
  • The Multi-Targeting QuickStart
  • The Multi-Targeting Visual Studio templates


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (the .NET Framework 3.5 includes WPF)
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2 Beta 2
  • Silverlight Unit Testing Framework (For download and installation instructions see http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/silverlightut)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.0 for running or compiling Project Linker


To install the QuickStart unzip the Source.zip file into any folder of your choice.

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