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Ancient Egyptian USB Drives - Mummy Returns again for your PCs

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The Ancient Egyptian USB drives come in two designs: one bears the shape of the Sphinx while the other one depicts an Egyptian citizen.

The golden metallic shine is very nicely complemented by traditional Egyptian colorful designs with black, white, red and blue, making these USBs look better than your common thumbdrive.

The speed standard is fully-compliant USB 2.0 and they are backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports. The plug and play character is quite convenient while the hot-swapping capability is a true time-saver. The Ancient Egyptian USB drives will provide you with 2 GB of storage space each and they weigh only 30 grams a piece; you can use them with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS.

The USB connectors boast a retractable construction so one can enjoy wearing them as a pendant hanging on the supplied necklace. With these cool USB drives you can be stylish and carry your important files with you at the same time; you can take a wild guess and assume that the golden shine on these drives isn't exactly gold... after seeing that these USB dongles retail for $22 a pop, the mystery is solved. Cool stuff, though!

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