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Announcing: Microsoft BizSpark

Today Maicrosoft launched Microsoft BizSpark, an exciting new offering that enables software startups to leverage Microsoft development and platform technologies to deliver next generation web and Software + Services applications.  It has been over 6 months in the making and it is such a relief to now be able to talk about it openly.

Microsoft BizSpark is designed to accelerate the success of early stage startups by providing access to:

  • Software: fast and easy access to Microsoft's current full-featured development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products for immediate use in developing and bringing to market innovative and interoperable solutions
  • Support: professional technical support from Microsoft (MSDN) and community support from BizSpark "Network Partners" around the world who provide a wide range of support resources for software startups (e.g., entrepreneur incubators, associations, & investors)

  •  Visibility: global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients, and partners. Startups have the opportunity to complete a profile in the online Startup directory (BizSparkDB) which highlights promising companies, including the "BizSpark Startup of the Day"

 BizSpark is available to startups that fit the following criteria:
    • A private company building a software-based product or service (not intended for consultants/SIs - Microsoft Action Pack is the entry level program for those partners)
    • In business for less than 3 years
    • Less than $1M in revenue
    • Nominated by a Network Partner (referrals are also facilitated by the BizSpark portal)
    There is no cost to enter the program and you can participate for up to 3 years.  There is a nominal $100 fee at the time of exiting the program.

    Getting Started:

    - Eligible startups should get more detail on the program from http://www.microsoftstartupzone.com/BizSpark

    - Go to www.microsoft.com/bizspark and identify a Network Partner they'd like to engage. If you are a US-based startup, you can contact our BizSparkBizDesk (866-833-0848) with any enrollment questions. 

    - Download the bits, connect with a designated hoster, and build your solution  

    - Tell the world!  Highlight your company/solution via http://microsoftstartupzone.com/BizSparkDB

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        Hari Maurya

      November 6, 2008 at 2:25 PM

      Thx for the information