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Windows Live spaces Coming soon with clean & better look

More freedom to do what you want

Let’s start off with the most visible change: we’re removing the horizontal ad from your space!

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Your space is all about your content, the way you want to show it, so we’re reducing the amount of clutter and giving you more freedom by:

  • Removing the horizontal ad from the top of your space
  • Making all of the modules optional (even the Title and Tagline module, which previously couldn’t be removed)
  • Using a simpler header that has less text than other pages in Windows Live
  • Letting you change themes, fonts, colors, and background images on your space using the customize menu
  • Letting you rename or not show the title of each module on your space by using the settings menu for each module in customize mode
  • Letting you select exactly which photo albums to show in your photos module – you can even customize what parts of the photos interface to display

Better looking pages

We’re also making some additional small changes to make your space look even better. One of the things we’ve done is to improve the typography on your space by using a larger, more readable default font, Segoe UI. It’s a subtle change, but it really helps make your content easier to read. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our post from last week with the current font and with the new default font:

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(Current version on left, new version on right)

There’ll also be a couple of theme changes, mainly to the header and background images, that make things look a bit simpler, cleaner, and more attractive. The most obvious of these is that we’re getting rid of the 3D “bevel” in the header and moving to solid colors or unobstructed background images. You can see this in the comparison screenshot below:

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(Current version on top, new version on bottom)

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