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Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0

Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 has been designed to help overburdened IT professionals quickly access useful, relevant content. It contains practical guidance—not just theory—and its streamlined approach makes it possible to use either the entire framework or one process from a particular service management function (SMF).

MOF guidance is contained in 23 documents:

  • The MOF 4.0 Overview describes all of the MOF content and its goals. It is the ideal starting place for someone new to the framework or an executive looking for the big picture.
  • Four MOF phase overviews have been written primarily for IT managers and directors seeking a better grasp of IT service strategy. The overviews provide an introduction for the phase, describe the service management functions contained within, and detail the management reviews performed during the phase.
  • Sixteen SMFs contain specific activities and workflows designed primarily for the IT professionals who will be implementing the activities.
  • A glossary gives definitions of terms used frequently in MOF.
  • A spreadsheet maps earlier versions of MOF to version 4.0.

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