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TK8 Backup Standard

If you’re looking for a program that makes it easy to back up to a local hard drive, network location, or CD/DVD, TK8 Backup is as good as it gets. I particularly liked this program because its GUI is a creation after my own heart. To heck with the bitmaps and pretty pictures. Give the info I need, the features I want, and put them where I can easily reach them. That’s TK8 Backup in a nutshell. Not that the program isn't attractive; it is. It’s just in a no-nonsense kind of way.

Feature-wise, TK8 Backup is on par or slightly better than most of its mid-level competition. It has full scheduling, though you can’t alternate weeks or media, and backs up files as plain copies or compresses them to normal or self-extracting zip archives. There’s full and incremental backup, and you can even specify that the program create another full backup after a certain number of incremental backups. The latter is a feature I’ve never seen before, but it’s handy in terms of saving disk space. You can also specify the number of copies of each file copied in plain file mode.

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