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"You're in the Movies"

Microsoft has introduced a new party game named, "You're in the Movies" for Xbox 360, which is meant for the hardcore family entertainment.

It's an Eye Toy like game where the players need to move their body in front of the Xbox Live Vision camera, as directed, to complete some minigames. At the end of four round of minigames, the game will compile the recorded bits of your performance and remix the bits into a fake movie trailer. You can also switch to director's mode to create your own movie trailer by editing, changing your voice over and adding music.

Microsoft is also planning to launch a new service called Xbox Live service, under which the customers who have their Xbox 360 console attached to their TVs, can download NetFlix movies at no additional cost. All they need is a subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold service and Netflix account. The service will feature 10,000 movies and TV shows available for immediate viewing.

Microsoft recently introduced a 60 GB storage version of the Xbox 360 video game console, which is priced at $349. It will hit the stores in US and Canada in early August.

The sales of Xbox 360 consoles have already surpassed 19 million in the recent quarter and the release of game titles, such as Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV has further pushed the sales.

Microsoft is anticipating more Xbox 360 sales after the release of Rock Band 2, which will be launched in September.

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